Services in the ACT

Sexual Health and Family Planning ACT – Unplanned pregnancy counselling service

The counselling provided is unbiased, respectful, non-judgemental and non-directive and aims to provide accurate information and support for women and their partners and/or families who are in these situations. All options are explored and discussed in a safe environment as needed by the individual woman. Referrals to termination of pregnancy services are made as needed, or as requested by the woman.

Marie Stopes Australia 

Dr Marie provides caring and non-judgemental sexual and reproductive health services to Australian women and men. Services include medical abortion, surgical abortion, vasectomy, contraception, long-acting reversible contraception, decision-based counselling and 24-hour aftercare.

Gynaecology Centres Australia 

Gynaecology Centres Australia provide safe, legal and non-judgmental pregnancy termination to women, and offer reliable and effective contraception. Their policy is to provide comprehensive, concise and unbiased information to a woman considering termination of pregnancy.