Safety for your new baby

Providing a safe environment is an important part of caring for your new baby, this includes ensuring your baby’s safety in your home as well as when you are away from home. Babies are completely dependent on you for their safety.

Injury is the most common cause of death and disability for children within the first three years of their life. The majority of injuries happen in the home and are most often predictable and preventable. It is therefore important to make your baby’s safety your priority. Some key areas to keep in mind are;

  • Take your baby home from hospital in a rearward facing capsule or approved child restraint
  • Make sure your baby travels in an approved child restraint at all times when in a vehicle
  • Ensure a safe sleeping environment for your baby
  • Always supervise your baby in the bath
  • Provide a safe home environment
  • Check the safety of your environment when you are away from home

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