Breast Pump Hire

The ACT/Southern NSW Region of the ABA hires out hospital grade electric breast pumps to families in the ACT and Southern NSW region. There are a number of reasons you may need to hire a breast pump including;

  • Premature birth
  • Illness or temporary separation
  • Return to work or study
  • Increasing low supply
  • Cracked or sore nipples
  • Severe engorgement or mastitis
  • Feeding difficulty
  • Going out without your baby
  • Cleft palate or trisomy 21
  • Long term expressing
  • Inducing lactation or re-lactation
  • Sudden weaning

ABA offers a range of different breast pumps for hire and milk collection kits can be purchased at an additional charge. You will have access to a qualified breastfeeding counsellor who can support you with using the breast pumps and expressing breastmilk.

ABA members receive 50% discount on pump hire.

For more information;

Australian Breastfeeding Association