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Shared Care with your GP

Shared care is an arrangement between a maternity hospital or other birthing facility and an independent health care provider, usually a GP to share the provision of your pregnancy care. If you choose a shared care model for your pregnancy care, your antenatal appointments will be shared between your GP and your chosen birthing facility’s antenatal clinic.

Many women choose shared care as they are familiar with their GP and their GP is familiar with their medical history. Shared care can also be a good option for women who do not speak English as a first language as their GP may speak their first language and may be familiar with cultural needs and expectations.

If you are eligible for Medicare and your GP bulk bills, your GP antenatal care won’t cost you anything. However, if your GP does not bulk bill, you will be responsible for paying the gap between the Medicare rebate and your GP’s fees.

In Australia, many public hospitals and a few private hospitals offer GP shared care arrangements, some will have a register of GP’s who are accredited with their facility while others may allow you to choose your own GP so long as they have suitable accreditation to provide the service and have an affiliation with that particular hospital or birthing facility.

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