Choosing a health professional to provide your maternity care

Once you have found out you are pregnant, one thing to do is to decide who you would like to support you during pregnancy, provide your maternity care and where you would like to give birth.

How do you choose a health professional to care for you during pregnancy?

Whether you choose a midwife, general practitioner or obstetrician will depend on a number of factors and your personal preference.  Talk to other women about what worked well for them.  Look at the where to have your baby page to learn about the services available in the ACT and surrounding regions.

You might like to ask yourself the following questions:

  • What do I want from my maternity care?
  • What type of professional would I feel most comfortable with?
  • Do I want public or private maternity care?
  • What kind of setting do I want for my delivery?
  • How important to me is a more individual, less routine approach?
  • Do I have a serious chronic health condition? If so, it is helpful to discuss your pregnancy with your treating health professional.