General Practitioner (GP) Shared Care

Shared Care enables your GP to provide some of your antenatal care from their practice. Other visits are provided at the Antenatal Clinic with a midwife..

This model of care is particularly valuable if your GP will be providing health care for you and your family once the baby is born as it allows your GP to stay involved throughout the pregnancy.  If complications arise during your pregnancy, your GP will refer you to a hospital obstetrician for advice.

When to call – bookings

It is important to make an appointment with your GP early in your pregnancy to discuss your pregnancy care and birth options.

If you are pregnant and interested in GP shared care with an ACT public hospital, call Canberra Maternity Options on 02 5124 9977.

If you choose Shared Care you will birth in the Centenary Hospital for Women and Children, and your GP will arrange for the hospital to contact you to arrange a pre-admission appointment.