Vaginal birth

If you and your baby are healthy and well, a vaginal birth is considered the safest way to deliver your baby. There are many benefits of giving birth vaginally for both the mother and the baby, however every woman’s experience will be different. Women who give birth vaginally generally;

  • Have a shorter hospital stay and less chance of readmission in the following weeks
  • Be less likely to require strong pain relief after birth
  • Have a quicker physical recovery
  • Have greater success breastfeeding their baby straight after birth
  • Be less likely to have medical problems in future pregnancies
  • Are more physically able to do everyday task soon after the birth

Babies born vaginally generally;

  • Are less likely to require time in the Special Care Nursery
  • Are thought to develop stronger immune systems and less chance of developing allergies
  • Have greater attachment and breastfeeding success due to the hormones released during labour

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