Partners mental health and wellbeing

When a baby arrives partners often experience increased stress due to a number of factors including extra workload with a new baby, a partner who may be unwell physically or emotionally, witnessing a birth trauma, changes in the couple relationship, financial stress and change in identity.  There are many other reasons why partners may find adjusting to parenthood a challenge and support is available through Perinatal Wellbeing Centre.

Perinatal Wellbeing Centre offers partners an opportunity to learn about strategies that help themselves and their partners modify unhelpful thoughts and adjust to the many changes taking place.  Perinatal Wellbeing Centre also offers regular Partner information sessions which are held throughout the year.  These represent an opportunity to learn what is going on for their partner and meet others at the same stage in life.

For more information contact Perinatal Wellbeing Centre on 02 6288 1936