The first six weeks

The first days and weeks at home with your newborn will be different for every family. It can be an emotional time and there will be a lot to do and learn. While there will no doubt be great excitement while you are getting to know your baby, you will also be feeling tired and your body will be recovering from the birth. It is expected that it will take between 6-12 weeks for your body to start feeling normal again after childbirth, however every woman is different and this estimate is just a guideline. Recovery after a caesarean birth or if you have experienced complications, had an episiotomy or tear may mean your recovery could take a bit longer.

It is important to look after yourself during these first few weeks, simple things like getting as much rest as you can, eating a healthy diet and drinking plenty of water can help you feel stronger and aid your recovery. Doing some light exercise when you feel ready such as short walks and pelvic floor exercises can be beneficial for your recovery. You should however avoid over exerting yourself or doing any heavy lifting as this may negatively impact your recovery.  Healthy postnatal weight loss happens gradually, try not to put pressure on yourself and don’t try and rush it. Focus on healing and taking care of your baby.

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