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Parenting Courses

Thriving as a New Parent 

Unlike other parenting education programs, Transform Parenting’s Thriving as a New Parent course puts the focus on YOU, the parent. Together with a community of fellow mums or dads, you will be guided by your facilitator to learn the skills to support your transition to parenthood, allowing you to embrace the hardness and joys of being a parent.

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Thriving as a new dad

In our Thriving as a new dad course we intend to guide you through some of the challenges you’ll face in the early stages of parenting. We learn to be bigger, more resilient and more resourceful. The course is designed to create community, explore issues that new parents face when having a baby, as well as giving you tips on maintaining your relationships.

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Parentline offers free telephone and face-to-face confidential counselling services to parents and carers. In addition, we host courses and provide various resources for raising positive families.

Relationships Australia

Relationships Australia offers a range of family and relationship skills courses and seminars, that are responsive to the needs of the community. Different courses are available in each state or territory. All courses are run by qualified and experienced group leaders

The Nest, Kids CPR & Allergy

How to help children in an emergency and deal with life with childhood allergy.

The Nest, Kids CPR & Allergy, offers classes to parents and caregivers on baby and child first aid, CPR and allergy prevention and management online and in Canberra. They also have useful resources for parents on these subjects.

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The Period of Purple Crying

The Period of PURPLE Crying is an evidence based program that is delivered in three doses (stages) to parents. The program helps parents understand excessive crying and colic in infants.

The Period of PURPLE Crying is normal in a healthy baby however it can be both distressing and frustrating for new parents. The Period of PURPLE Crying helps parents recognise and understand normal crying and provides coping strategies so parents and care givers can keep their babies safe.