Calvary Birth Suite

The Calvary Birth Suite offers a more traditional model of care with care provided by a team of midwives and obstetric specialists. The Birth Suite offers six birthing rooms with ensuite facilities. Following the birth of your baby, you will be transferred to the postnatal ward where there are seven private rooms with the remaining rooms being shared accommodation.

The Calvary Public Hospital offers;

  • Complete antenatal, birthing and postnatal care for women whose pregnancy is considered low-moderate risk
  • Midwifery led care or shared care with your GP
  • Services for normal vaginal birth, assisted birth and caesarean section

It is possible to be admitted as a public or private patient, however a private room cannot be guaranteed for private patients. If you choose to be admitted as a private patient, you will need to book with your own specialist obstetrician.

After the birth of your baby, provided mother and baby are well, your baby will remain with you in your room where you will be supported by hospital midwives. If you have had an uncomplicated birth, it is expected that you will go home within 24 hours provided mother and baby are well. If you have experienced any complications during your labour and birth, you can expect to stay 2-3 nights before going home.

Should you require assistance during your labour and birth such as, induction of labour, forceps, vacuum or caesarean section Calvary Public Hospital has the facilities and highly skilled medical specialists available to manage these situations. If you require assistance or intervention, you will be informed and consulted about your options throughout the decision-making process.


If you are pregnant and would like to give birth at Calvary Public Hospital, please call Canberra Maternity Options on 02 5124 9977.

Postnatal care

Follow-up postnatal care is provided by a Calvary Midcall midwife in your home for up to 7-10 days after the birth of your baby. Following this, you will be referred to the Community Maternal and Child Health Nursing Service (MACH) who will continue your postnatal care as required.