two adult hands holding a baby's hand

Parenting Courses

Transform Parenting 

Transform Parenting’s programs are unlike others in that they focus on you, the parent, rather than the child. Having a new baby is a very intense time and quite often comes with a shock of the incredible learning and adaptation that happens when we start to manage our baby’s needs.

We provide many opportunities to grow into this space, starting with our 10-week Thriving as a New Parent course. This course begins with the development of key understandings essential for developing an overall ‘calm or centredness,’ when working out your baby. It guides you from the romanticism, into the reality, by embracing the hardness and joys as part of learning to thrive in this space. It also consists of learning various techniques and strategies to practice whilst this learning and adapting is happening. Thriving as a New Parent is a safe circle of mothers or fathers/partners and is facilitated by Tracey Anderson Askew in Canberra.

Each week explores a different theme, facilitated group discussion and completes with a weekly relaxation exercise, that you can take home and practice.

You will receive a weekly email with a re-cap of the class and more information and resources. This is a great course for any new parent.

The Period of Purple Crying

The Period of PURPLE Crying is an evidence based program that is delivered in three doses (stages) to parents. The program helps parents understand excessive crying and colic in infants.

The Period of PURPLE Crying is normal in a healthy baby however it can be both distressing and frustrating for new parents. The Period of PURPLE Crying helps parents recognise and understand normal crying and provides coping strategies so parents and care givers can keep their babies safe.